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When you are asked if you can do it Cheaper

When you are asked if you can do it cheaper ….The amount of bad tattoos I have seen where someone has paid their...

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Slash & TT Hundred Tour Japan

We were very lucky to meet up with our good friends Twenty Two Hundred who were touring Japan as the support band for...

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Basel Fair 2017

We were very lucky to be invited to the Basel Fair in Switzerland by the team at Bomberg for the release of their new...

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The Octopus Ring

We are known for our Octo Skull rings , but this particular client wanted something a little different. He wanted the real thing!...

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Hulk Smash

Who doesn’t love the Hulk , one the craziest characters of the Marvel Comic Universe …. So when you get the chance to...

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Dog Tag

Over the years we have done a few projects for the dedicated service men and woman from around the world.  This one was...

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