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We don't just make! We Design.

Doing the time

“Being a designer is more than simply creating a great drawing or sketch,it’s about bringing that sketch to life” Doing the time Doing...

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Not just Skulls

We don’t just do skulls we also have a big range of Gothic style cross pendants 

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Octo skull Ring

Octo Skull ring.  This design is a mix of the Octopus who has a skull as his face definitely a different look as far...

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Platoon Daddy

Platoon Daddy. We love the way this bad boy turned out. This is my take on the tough and grizzled drill Sargent everyone...

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Cool Frankie

Cool Frankie. This Frankenstein Knife bead had some small changes, like some really cool sun glasses and a groovy 60’s inspired hair do...

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