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We don't just make! We Design.

Octo Skull Double Finger ring

Octo Skull Double finger ring is definitively one of a kind. Made in Sterling silver with a total weight of over a 100...

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Johnny Cash Skull Ring

Johnny Cash Skull ring. Custom made for a die hard fan of Johnny Cash.  The American singer, songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author.  He...

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Star Wars Fan Art

Vader Skull ring is one of our favorite designs that we done so far and started the Star Wars  fan art custom jewellery. ...

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Ric’s Hell Boy Ring

We have done a few  Hell Boy skull rings now. Each one a little different from the last. This one i really liked. I...

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Hell Boy Custom Bead

one  of our clients always loves two add a twist to every knife bead he orders , so this Hell Boy bead has...

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Ghost Rider Bead

Ghost Rider Bead …. love the way this design turned out  flames going everywhere!  A lot of detail was put into the bead...

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