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We don't just make! We Design.

Zippo Lighter cases

Yes we can make you a one of a kind lighter case in sterling silver these cases are hand carved and are very...

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Punisher Rings -HD-

These Punisher rings were custom made for 3 clients who are hardcore riders . So on the side of each ring is the...

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Classic Skull Design

This Classic Skull design is one we can make many changes to whether it is adding stones to the eyes or adding other...

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Doc Holiday Skull ring & the Cigar Smoker

This Months cool projects, One is the Doc Holiday inspired skull ring loved to design this one the client was over the moon...

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This ring was custom made for Jim at Skelton Blade Works With his new logo design for his custom hand made knifes business...

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This is the Newest member to the Chris Black Collection 90 grams of Awesomeness. The Coolest thing about this design is we can...

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