If the company retains taxes for the contractor, as it does for its employees, this practice will significantly weaken any argument in favour of independent contractor status. They should establish a provision that the independent contractor is solely responsible for his or her own tax obligations and that the tenant issues the contractor an IRS 1099 form instead of a W-2. With an independent contractor, you pay for a product or a result. With an employee, you pay for him or her to do what you ask, no matter what it is. Employees control not only the type of work, but also the method, manner and means with which they do it. In Alford v. United States, 116 F.3d 334 (8th cir in 1997), for example, a pastor of the church was classified as an employee at the district court level, but the judgment was overturned by the Eighth Circuit on the basis of the lack of institutional control of the national and regional churches over the functioning of his church. Many states apply another test, the ABC test, especially in the context of unemployment. See the application of the ABC test to determine workerclassification status.xiii While the specific language of this test varies from state to state, the general factors (A) are whether the work force performs work without control or direction; (B) if the worker is doing the work outside the usual operation of the business or if he can do the work outside the place of operation; (C) if the worker normally is self-employed or self-employed.

The following subsections review and develop guidelines for common provisions in independent treaties. This pioneering case could have a significant impact on the real estate sector in California, due to the uniqueness of real estate agents and brokers. However, the California Business and Professions Code states that the relationship between a real estate agent and a broker can be either an employee/employer or an independent contractor relationship. Finally, independent entrepreneurs are traditional independent businessmen or professionals. It makes sense that they bring their own ladder, shovel or brush. A company that claims to have independent contractors, but provides an office, a chair, a computer, software and a phone – everything they need – can`t be very convincing in a state of work dispute.